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Oh man, so, Miami was a total mind blowing blast, as expected and the Cottontails made the rounds all over WMC. We were involved to quite involved. Anyway, moving right along we are back in New York and starting up a brand new party for all you eager rabbittos on Thursdays at La Pomme starting April 1st. Roxy and the iconic Lady Fag will be rocking out Headz Will Roll every Thursday. Come with a crazy look, get your picture taken by Polite in Public and Jason the Black Teenwolf. Enjoy a live performance by Ms. Cottontail and the DJ skills of Alexander Technique and Luther. And there’s an open Svedka bar from 10 to 11:30. This should be one to remember, kiddies. SO come on out and work it out. Es muy necesario. We’ll see you at the cluuuuuuub.


-The Cottontails

-Thursday April 1st-

(And Every Thursday After)



Featuring…. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE (DJs Are Not Rockstars)


Live performance by the “Bounce Lil’ Kitty” Queen of Clubs ROXY COTTONTAIL

Hosted by… Rainblo, Contessa, Tiana, Alex Corporan, Brendon James & Hair Girl Karmela

Weekly Party Snaps by Jason the Black Teenwolf @ www.headzwillrollhere.com

La Pomme 37 W. 26th (btwn 6th + Broadway)

10PM - 4AM

Complimentary Lady Fag Gimlets + Roxy Cocktails by SVEDKA VODKA 10PM-11:30PM

Launch Party Photos by Polite in Public

$8 Lady Fag Gimlets + Roxy Cocktails by SVEDKA VODKA ALL NIGHT!!

Weekly Performances, Mind Blowing DJs, Snowstorms, Videos & Scents!!!




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    Рекомендую Вам побывать на сайте, с огромным количеством статей по интересующей Вас теме. Могу поискать ссылку….


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